Feather Peak

What would a JBP movie be without an Eastern Sierra segment?  Well... with snow lines melting, work schedules, unfavorable weather forecasts, and a baby on the way... my time to "strike" was limited.  Matt Duniho and Jeff Write answered the call to a very worthy and distant ski objective of Feather Peak.  We camped 2 nights and traveled 3 days for this big daddy.  And after almost 10 years of skiing in The Sierra and thinking "I've seen it all"... this basin captured me with its beauty and remoteness.  I'm looking forward to editing the segment for the newest movie. JBP10.


The approach

Jeff Wright and Matt Duniho


Royce Lakes Basin

Jeff approaches camp



Underneath Feather Peak

First Decent Athlete Posters

You can find all of the 2016 First Decent athlete posters right here!  Feel free to print out, track them down, and demand an autograph.

First Decent Trailer

The 8th installment of the JonBob empire is here!  Take a couple of minutes to enjoy the newest trailer.

Welcome back old friend. Thanks for making us laugh, smile, fly, bounce, pop, slide, smear, and slash. You arrived early with gifts and departed with hugs, high fives, and empty PBRs. Winter 2016, come back any time!... Relive The First Decent winter in years. Explore classic zones with familiar faces. JonBob Productions presents "First Decent", the average season.

Dad Visits Tahoe. Gets Pitted.

Welcome to Tahoe Dad!  Ok... carry this bag, borrow my car while I work, but pack the car so I can ski tomorrow... and pick up some beer.  We are meeting friends in 20 min cool? Oh, I need to film this event, you coming?  Ok, then grab the lens and microphones from my camera bag.  Beers afterwards? Ok.  Get up early so the snow doesn't turn to mush.  Stay forward on your skis.  Speed up.  SLOW DOWN.  Have a beer.  Have some cheese.  Put your feet up.  Ahhhhh.  Awesome trip.

Snow Rangers Peter Grubb Hut

The Snow Rangers headed to the Peter Grubb Hut over Ski Skate week.  The first group nailed conditions.  They had excellent corn, warm temps, and light wind.  The second group experienced a much different journey.  High winds, big snow, and low visibility made for an exciting trip.  All athletes excelled on the adventure.  It was a highlight of the season.

Touring Near Angora Peak

A few days ago Jehren and I headed to the Halls of the Gods area.  It was a perfect day for a ski tour.  Sunny skis and calm wind.  A group of South Lake skiers beat us to the Halls line so we opted for a fun, narrow chute in the trees.  We then skinned to a beautiful zone that I've been calling The Bookends.  After skiing a mellow line on the face, we heard strange, large collapsing noises, and despite no additional signs of instability and a low hazard for the day, we opted to stay on more manageable terrain near the skin track.  The Bookends aren't going anywhere and I'm looking forward to another trip later in the season.